What is fencing?

When can i start?

Teaching olympic-style fencing to athens, gA.

Congratulations to Kavya Menke!

2021 Summer National Champion!

Why fence?

Fencing is a sword-fighting sport commonly nicknamed "physical chess" due to it being very tactical/strategic sport.  Fencing is also very diverse since there are 3 different weapons to choose from: foil, epee, and sabre.  Each weapon has its own style and way of scoring.

Sword-fighting has always been a very common form of entertainment.  Fencing is one of the few sports that allows anyone to enjoy sword-fighting without much risk of injury since the gear is very protective.  This happens to be one of the safest sports.  Fencing is also done with electronic scoring so that each fencer and the audience will be able to know who landed a valid hit.

Furthermore, fencing is an NCAA sport and also one of the first Olympic sports.


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